Mission Statement

Our Purpose: Developing Future Leaders

No society can prosper — economically, politically, socially or culturally — if its citizens lack the necessary education, knowledge, skills and perspectives appropriate to the new global context.
The Foundation is committed to preparing leaders capable of meeting the challenges of the future in a changing and challenging world.
To prepare those leaders, the Alabbar Foundation has established a Global Scholarship program for talented, capable, and highly motivated Arab students to provide them with university scholarships and mentorship opportunities at select institutions of higher education in different countries around the world. We select only those students who have the potential to become leaders. We encourage these individuals to use their leadership skills and knowledge to work toward positive social change in their home communities and countries in the future.

Our Mission

The Alabbar Foundation seeks to prepare and train Arab talented youth to be leaders in their countries and to make positive changes in their communities.
Today’s students will be working in a global marketplace and living in a global society. In order to succeed and to become leaders in this new world, they must acquire a far different set of education, knowledge, skills and perspectives than previous generations. They must be prepared to trade with, work alongside and communicate with persons from radically different backgrounds than their own.
Our mission is to prepare them to be ready in this new world and to contribute positively in locally and internationally.

Our Goals

● Establish scholarship initiatives that ensure that talented Arab are prepared to reach their full potential.

● Provide the necessary resources for selected scholars to succeed in their study programs as well as prepare them for careers in leading sectors and industries.

● Provide support for students through mentoring to ensure that all students reach their highest potential.

● Foster awareness activities that involve the community in supporting and sustaining the mission of the Alabbar Foundation.

Core Values

The mandate of the Foundation is to provide brillant high-achieving, underserved Arab youth with the opportunity to study at a top university and we hope that this is just the beginning of a long road to success for all our students. We believe that better education is most important investment in life. Our aim is to serve those students who are disadvantaged because of their social or economic circumstances.

We have chosen education because we believe that it is the best means to empower people to become change makers, more independent, and to participate more fully in the benefits of our society.

Service beyond Self
Philanthropy is our strong motivator to act from a concern for others. For us, education is more than a process of acquiring knowledge. We believe in its power to give hope, build resilience and unleash possibility.

Our responsibility is to execute the Foundation’s core education programs effectively and to develop new ones. We realize that our resources are limited and, in order to be most effective, we must concentrate our efforts. We must also constantly re-evaluate and improve our programming, and change or replace non-core programs when we find alternatives offering a better combination of value and effectiveness.

To maximize the impact of our new programs, we feel an obligation to do more than provide scholarship aid to needy individuals. We also seek to identify niche areas which may have been overlooked or under funded by other educational foundations. We seek ways to amplify the impact of our programs through cooperation with other organizations.

We realize that our programs are, at best, a catalyst. The people we seek to assist and the organizations that serve them do the real work of change and are usually the best source of ideas for new program initiatives. We look to them to help us understand how to make our work more effective and, whenever we can usefully do so, we engage them as partners.

Sustainable Development.
We approach philanthropy as a catalyst for innovation in education and for achieving sustainable development.
At the Alabbar Foundation, we are in the business of reimagining a new Arab story, fueled by our youth, enabled by education.